How to Stall aka Rock to Fakie

A stall is a very straightforward trick that you don't need to be very skilled to achieve. It can easily look great and feel awesome with minimal effort.

Balanced Weight Stall

A great first trick start is to have an even weight balance between both feet on the feature. It will be initially tough to pin down the right speed, but basically, you're trying to stop on the feature, so that means just enough speed for the centre of your board to reach the edge of what you want to balance on. It will feel a little sketchy to start, but after a few attempts, it will come together.

All you do once you get to the top is relax and keep the board flat so you can ride back down the kicker in switch or fakie, hence the phrase 'Rock to Fakie'. A lot of guys struggle with keeping flat base on the up and down. The more you dial in the approach the easier the whole movement will be.

The weird thing is the more technical version of the stall will be slower as you only need to get your front foot to the top of the feature, so it's worth getting the movement dialed in for that quickly.

Styled Rock to Fakie

Your target is to balance on your back leg. However, it's not about just riding up until your back let gets to the top of the feature. What you're looking to do is bring in a shift of the board underneath you to find that balance point.

I often talk about swapping your feet. So when you come to a stop you try and pop, push the board away from you and place your back foot where your front foot ended up being. Sounds weird, but try it without a board on, then follow the drills below to improve your skills before you hit a feature.

 It will be tough to do this movement when traveling as everything will come at you very quickly. You need to start super slow and not even on the top of the feature so you can get the movement and timing on lock as well as build your confidence.

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