What should you be packing for your snowboard holiday?

With the cost of taking your equipment away with you it makes sense to consider what you might actually need for a week of riding so you do not take anything non-essential and have the hassle of lugging it around. 

To make my life easier I have a list of equipment printed and then I do not waste time or space when packing my gear. This is not a definitive list, but it certainly helps me a lot and hopefully it could help relieve some of your packing stress. You could cut and paste this and adjust for your own holiday. 

My winter setup

My winter setup

In Resort Kit List 1 Week Stay — Winter


Jacket x1– Thirtytwo Kaldwell.
Snowboard pants x1– Thirtytwo Wooderson.
Mid-level gloves x1 — Transform Gloves — Spitt Vader.
Cold weather gloves x1 — Transform Gloves — Photo Incentive Mitt.
Thermal bottoms x2.
Snowboard socks x6 pairs, or 3 pairs if tight for space.
Long sleeve tops/thermals x2 for riding.
Tall tees x2 for riding — uktalltees.com.
Thermal mid layer for cold days and evening attire - Thirtytwo Metcalf.
Neck warmer — Thirtytwo Douglas Neck Gaitor.
Beanie for under helmet and evening — 686 Standard Beanie.

My general layering is long-sleeve top/thermal with tall tee, mid layer then lightweight jacket. I may swap out my mid-layer with something less insulating as the winter moves into spring or strip off jacket for hiking or building jumps. 


Snowboard — DOUK 153 Custom. One board for everything.
Bindings — Union ST (Med). Including a few small spares.
Snowboard Boots — Rome Libertine.
Small Rucksack for carrying water, suncream, board tool, bag lock — Dakine.
Board tool — Someones bindings always come loose.
Bag lock — So I can dump a bag and get some shred on.
Water Bottle — MISU Single Wall Bottle — Save cash and remain hydrated.
Goggles + low and high light lens— Smith I/O with Blackout & Blue Sensor.
Suncream SPF 30.
Helmet — Smith Maze.

Normal clothing

Neat going out top x1.
Normal T-shirts x4.
Tracksuit bottoms for evening chilling and travelling.
One pair shoes for off snow and travelling.

Other Equipment to consider

Knee pads — Keeps you warm and helps prevent injury.
Massage ball — Help relieve any minor muscle problems.
4 way plug.
Euro adaptor.
Laptop with charger.
Phone charger.
Mini first aid kit.
Heavy duty cable ties x2 (in case of binding trouble).

I also take a load of additional equipment for splitboarding and providing a more rounded experience for clients, including various pieces of camera gear and servicing tools. I generally drive so its a lot easier to take extra kit. The above list should be a great start for you.

James Streater is the head coach and owner of Maverix Snow Ltd, providing year round snowboard instruction, coaching and personal development. He is part of a select group of professionals who hold the worlds highest snowsport qualification ISTD. Follow him on Instagram @maverixsnow