DOUK Nine Week Mountain Snowboard Review

Since sourcing my DOUK snowboard last summer it has been a wicked journey that is now coming to a close as I work with DOUK on designing a fresh stick. So lets fill in the back story. To date the board has completed:

5 weeks of summer camps in Les Deux Alpes, France
4 weeks of winter camps in Mayrhofen, Austria
50+ UK & European dome riding sessions

If you were looking to fully test a board you could not do any better than the above list. Tons of park, piste and powder all over Europe.

The overall mission was to have a board that could do everything. It would be the daily driver. It had to soak up the rails and the kickers on the mountain as well as in the domes, perform on the piste and float in the powder. That way I could really get used to the feel of the board, work the hell out of it and not stress about having to take loads of boards around with me.

The Damage Total

This board has taken some hits. Yet it has survived some crazy things. One was being stuck on a drop and having to 50/50 grind between two rocks and coming out with nothing noticeable. It did not fair so well when we were jibbing a corrugated roof. It ended up with a nice hole after that session. Yet, nothing a quick p-tex fill would not solve. It has also picked up a cracked top sheet somewhere, but it does not effect the handling. There are also a load of cracks in the side edges from general rail riding.

Following all that the only major drawback is its ability to hold a strong edge on icy terrain since last summer. When I’m looking to produce short radius high performance turns it can struggle as the edges have seen a lot of action. It’s not the kind of turn I make a habit of working on, but as a coach you want it in the bag. I think a decent base and side edge grind would most likely resolve that issue if I was to keep using it. Also on stupidly deep powder days I did struggle with float, but that’s because it’s only a 153.

In conclusion

Overall I cannot complain about the board. A solid amount of riding, and the quality of the base has been maintained throughout. I do not want deal with the stresses of stalling on slower pistes and the ability to keep gliding was certainly noticeable compared to clients during our time in Mayrhofen. The design has been super useful. A great way to promote the camps and a handy tool when meeting new people on the slopes or in the domes.

It’s tough as I decide on a new board as to whether I want to change the specifications. Would I go stiffer, longer, rocker, etc. Overall I’ve been super pleased with how the board has delivered. If I was happy to keep swapping bindings over I could go for something slightly larger for the power, stiffer for the piste, or flatter for freestyle, but at my level of riding it delivers to a high enough degree in all those areas so I do need to change anything.

I’ll be going for:

Size — 153
Sintered 7700 base
True twin
Park/Freestyle core
Bi-axle fibreglass

Latest DOUK board being testing in Les Deux Alpes, France

Latest DOUK board being testing in Les Deux Alpes, France

If you’d like to design your own snowboard why not get in touch with David at DOUK. You’ll get a great custom board for a fraction more than a standard board and have something unique that won’t be in a sale in a few months or look out of date as new models are released.