How to make a snowboard freestyle trainer for £10

I see a lot of people looking to spend some serious bucks on a home jib board. I can certainly see the value of these items for preparing for the park. Nobody wants to see some old guy warming up on the slopes, so I’ll often use this before heading to a park night to get my body ready for the session ahead.

In all honesty they do not get as much use as you might first expect. Sure if you have money to burn get on it. If you’re on more of a budget and realistic about the number of times you’ll be using this item over the winter then why not make your own. I had a few bits lying around and put one together for under £10.

What you really want to build is something you can use with trainers so its quick and easy to get on and learn. If you have to start using your boots and board you’re going to find it tough to remain motivated as it’s a hassle to setup and you need loads more room to play.

Tools needed

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 5mm and 10mm drill bit
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Electric drill

Stuff to buy

  • Old skatedeck. £5 from a bootsale
  • Set of straps from an old set of bindings — Free
  • Small section of grip tape £2 off ebay (optional)
  • Something to jib onto — £??
  • 4x washers — £??

Get Building

1 — Start by taking the trucks off your skateboard using the spanner and screwdriver. Keep the bolts for your new bindings.

Strip off the trucks

Strip off the trucks

2 — Mark out a new stance around the bolt holes for the trucks. I spaced the holes by 15cm.

You’ll want an approximate match to your stance angles. Do not panic too much on that, as you can move your feet around once they’re strapped in. Use the 5mm drill bit to make the holes. Mine were a bit angled, but it did not matter once I was jibbing.

Remember how your feet go, so you drill the right stance or you might end up with a eurocarve stance.

3 — Use the 10mm drill to countersink the bolt ends so they do not catch on the things your jumping onto.

4 — Mount the straps. I use toe straps to hold my heels in. I drilled out the ladders of the straps using the 5mm drill bit to allow for the bolts to more easily push through for fitting.

You’ll notice how I mount the straps to make things easy to do up. I’ve also added a washer to help protect the velro straps.

5 — Find something to jump on. It does not need to be pretty, just stable so it can take a beating and not topple over as soon as you land on it. People have used half cut foam rollers, wood, plastic pipes etc. I use a half cut plastic pipe. As the base of the skate deck does slide on this type of material I added a small patch of grip tape to the bottom.

I will often put something like an old rug on the grass to reduce the amount of mess. I also use this on a trampoline to help with grabs and basic spins.

Strap Options

Strap options very much depends on the availability of old kit, plus budget. Toes straps work best for holding your heel in place. I had some old velcro straps from a mountain board that I used for my toes. You could buy some anti-slip velcro bicycle straps for around £3.30 off ebay, or even pickup a mountain board with the straps you want off ebay for a little cash. Another option would be to buy the cheapest snowboard bindings or ebay or head into your local snowboard store. Most stores will have a box of spares you could get from them for a few pounds. Check that you have some length on the straps so they give you some space around your heel. I end up not undoing them. I just open up the toe straps to get in. Good luck and have fun.