The ultimate snowboard flatland freestyle warm up

A quick one for you this week. If you’re looking for a fresh challenge in your riding split your board into four. Pick one corner and then carry out all four 180 rotations from that corner. That would be:

  • Frontside
  • Backside
  • Switch frontside or cab
  • Switch backside

It will work various elements of your freestyle and riding skills as well as boost that all important agility on your snowboard. I choose my heel edge, outside of my right foot (front foot) in the video below. Hopefully you can do better than me.

Whatever corner you choose there will be one spin that will be totally unnatural. For heel edge that will be the back foot, backside (or switch backside) rotation. For the toe edge it will be the back foot frontside (or cab/switch frontside). It’s a mind bender.

Happy spinning.