Top 5 street Snowboard sections of all time

If you ride in the UK on a park night you’ll most likely have to up your rail game, as the kickers are never anything to shout about. To help you get stoked to throw yourself at a load of metal and plastic here is a selection of the best urban rail sections of all time, with a few fun kicker moves thrown in.

5 — Jed Anderson — Shoot the Moon — 2011/2012

Super stylish and gets a lot of respect for rocking a lid every now and then. Artistic with a fresh take on urban riding, its always cool to see what he has to offer. Riding since the age of 6 he was picked up early by Burton and Forum, but choose to drop his sponsors in his teens to follow his own path, until he came back into the fold of Salomon and Nike before Nike quit snowboarding again.

He gained the Snowboarder Magazine urban rider of the year award in 2015. Since then I’ve not seen much from him online. Fingers crossed he’s still in the game.

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4 — Joe Sexton —The Last Ones — 2013/2014

He’s been banging out solid street sections for years. A key rider for Stepchild Snowboards until he recently setup his own snowboard brand ‘Public

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3 — Halldor Helgason — Nike Never Not –2013/2014

Halldor is a standout rider with a strong personality to match his skills. He stole the show in this Nike movie with a closing building gap backflip whilst wearing a neck brace following a slam a few days earlier. The funny thing is to make sure he was ready following the neck slam he decided to snowboard naked down a volcano the day before. The dude has a screw loose.

Now based in Monaco with his brother following the Iceland financial crisis they are making their mark on the industry with brands like Lobster SnowboardsSwitchback bindings and A Trip Apparel.

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2 — JP Walker — Shakedown — 2003/2004

This could be JP’s strongest part ever. He opens with a switch frontboard through a down flat down rail and closes with the first double cork. The dude is still rocking the moves in the latest ThirtyTwo movie. Insane to think his first video part was in 1995.

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1 — Scott Stevens — Defenders of Awesome — 2011/2012

Although he’d been cropping up in some of the Think Thank movies this section solidified him as the most creative snowboarder out there. Nothing quite captured the imagination of riders as they watched and tried to figure out what the hell they just saw. It seemed all he needed was the weight of the Capita marketing machine to kick his profile into the stratosphere.

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Honorable mentions

Chris Grenier & Benny Urban — 2032–2015/2016 — You’ll have to buy this video, but it's solid.

Jon Kooley — Love Hate — 2004/2005

Seth Hout — Cheers — 2010/2011

Seb Toots — X Games Real Snow 2015

Jesse Paul — Reckless Abandon 2016