Female Union Rosa, Milan, Juliet and Trilogy snowboard binding review

Over the past few seasons I have been lucky enough to ride almost all of the Union Bindings women’s selection. I ride a mixture of things however mainly dome and summer park riding. Here are my thoughts on the range. 

Union Rosa

These are the base model of Union Bindings. I rode these at a demo a while back when choosing what bindings to ride. I didn’t really like the heel strap as it was quite thick and didn’t seem to give an even fit across the top of my feet no matter how I adjusted it. However I do have very small feet and as I said I only rode them for a few runs.

Great for - Beginners and those looking for a great value base level binding.

Be aware — I’m not sure — I didn’t ride them long enough!

Union Milan

Union Milan's in Les Deux Alpes

Union Milan's in Les Deux Alpes

In the same demo I tried a pair of Milan’s and loved them. They were so comfortable and were slightly stiffer than the bindings that I currently rode which was good as at the time I was looking to get something a bit more responsive. I found the cantering of the bindings really good especially as I ride with quite a wide stance. These bindings took a lot of riding, I rode them for a whole year which included 1–2 trips a week to the dome, 4 weeks in the winter and 6 weeks of park riding in the summer and the only thing I had to do was replace one ratchet.

Great for — Having extra control for buttering and spinning off kickers without being too stiff.

Be aware — I found these to be wider than all of my other bindings however this may have changed since I had them a few seasons ago and I am at the bottom of the size recommendation.

Union Trilogy in Milton Keynes

Union Trilogy in Milton Keynes

Recovering from an ankle surgery and with very limited movement in my back foot I decided to move to the Trilogy. This is one of Unions high performance bindings and I thought that the additional responsiveness would mean that I wouldn’t have to flex my ankle as much to get the micro adjustments on my board that I needed when riding. This is especially useful in the dome where unpredictable snow means that you often need to adjust at the last minute. The first time I rode the Trilogy I found that the high back was set a little too far forward for me. I generally ride with no forward lean and use more foot pedalling so I do not rely heavily on my highbacks. In the end I took the high back adjuster out completely and I absolutely loved these bindings. They are stupidly light and mixed with my Capita Birds of a Feather they make my setup barely weigh anything.

Great for — More aggressive piste riding and feeling in total control on kickers and into rails and boxes. 

Be aware — These are not excellent for rails/boxes if you are a beginner as it’s easier to catch edges if you do not have your riding skills up to scratch as little movements will effect the board more than a softer binding.

Union Juliet

Union Juliet in Les Deux Alpes

Union Juliet in Les Deux Alpes

These are the bindings that I currently have and have been riding for a summer season in Les Deux Alpes. As I am getting (slightly) better on my snowboard I recently moved to a more aggressive board. I went from a super soft rocker board to a camber board (Capita Birds of a Feather) with two carbon rods. This has enabled me to get a lot more pop and many other things but mixed with the responsive Trilogy’s I really struggled on boxes, rails and when buttering. While I was still getting used to riding a totally new snowboard I moved down to a less responsive binding and I loved the Juliet. This makes sense as they are very similar to the Milan’s but with a different highback and haven’t got canted footbeds.

Great for — All round riding. This binding performs well in all conditions.

Be aware — The foodbed is hard to lift up to adjust the bindings or put them onto a board. I have had to stick some of the cushioning back onto the plastic but this is probably more due to the constant strapping and unstrapping I do when riding the summer park in Les Deux Alpes.

Overall I have never had a binding that has lasted as well as Unions. Riding in a dome all winter and on the glacier in the summer trashes kit. With laps only lasting a few minutes, constant strapping and unstrapping, being hit by people jacking lifts and being in puddles/dirt at the end of the season takes it’s toll however my bindings still look fresh and ready to go! I haven’t even had to replace a ratchet on either my Trilogy’s or Juliets which considering the amount they are used is great.

Next season I will be riding the Juliets for everything in the Hawaii colour way.

If you’re looking to purchase any of this kit why not contact S2AS. They’ll be on hand to help you choose the best bindings for your needs. 

Sian Streater is a full time maths teacher and part-time coach for Maverix Snow Ltd. Follow her adventures on Instagram.