Avalanche Safety Guide Book from Ortovox

It can be very tough to find decent resources to expand your understanding of off-piste safety and how to be better prepared for heading into the backcountry. When preparing for my recent European Mountain Safety examination I had to carry out an extensive search to find the right information that was relevant to the exam. There was no definitive book or web site that had everything I required.

This meant I ended up creating my own collection of information snippets. However, this new Ortovox Safety Guide Book is spot on, and I wish I’d had it a couple of months ago. It presents all the essential information in a well thought out and simple way. Making it more easy to digest and retain the content.

It is split into four sections. Section one details the primary type of avalanche (slab) and what can cause them. Section two covers the contributing factors that increase avalanche occurrence. Section three goes into planning for your tour or time spent off-piste. Section four then finishes off the manual with all the key safety checks and awareness factors for when you head off-piste including the important elements around a rescue.

It is well worth a read, even if your not planning a ski or splitboard tour as being more aware of your surroundings off-piste could one day save your life.