DOUK Female Twisted Snowboard Review

I’ve been riding DOUK boards for the last two seasons. When I first started riding their boards they did not have a women’s specific board on their line up so my board was quite custom to me (a guys board softened up, narrowed down and made smaller) however I now ride “the twisted” board which is currently the only women’s board they make.

When I was looking for a new board I had two main criteria: that it was soft (I ride mainly indoors/park and really didn’t want a stiff board) and that it was fast (I was having real problems with the base on my Nikita Sideways Sister board). I was coming from only ever having ridden boards made by Salomon and it was quite scary to move away from a brand that I really did love.


I spend about 8 weeks a year in the mountains (quite a lot considering I also have a full time job) and ride at least once a week in the dome, often twice, so for me durability is something that is really important. My first DOUK board did 12 weeks on snow and over 50 dome sessions and is still in excellent condition, no other board has lasted this long without snapping, edges breaking or having base troubles. I hear from people all the time when I tell them that I have a sintered base that “sintered bases are really weak and extruded is much better” however my first DOUK board did 10 weeks in the summer where we definitely rode over rocks every day and has almost no damage.


On the other hand, I know that a lot of girls from the UK do not ride as much as I do, most people are looking for a board that they can do occasional dome sessions and a few holidays on. One of the main drawbacks of buying snowboards is that every year a new, prettier one comes out, however with a DOUK custom board no one knows how old your board is, what season it is or whether it is brand new. I absolutely love my minion board and it definitely gets a lot of attention wherever I go!

The new custom Twisted Maverix Minion board

The new custom Twisted Maverix Minion board

Rideability (is that a word?!)


I love how my DOUK board rides, the sintered 7700 base makes it really fast, which means I find it easier to keep up with — or even overtake — the boys, especially when it is slushy. I find that it can handle any sort of terrain I want it to. In the summer our focus is definitely on the park, but I find that it handled rails, kickers and even the super pipe with ease, with me not wishing for anything different of a board. In the winter it copes well in powder and on pistes however I have found myself wanting a slightly longer board in deep snow (although I ride a 142 usually!).

Overall I love the board, there is nothing I would change, and I guess that says everything! The twisted board that I ride comes in at £345 which is a crazy price given that it’s handmade in the UK.