Snowboard Addiction Buttery Stuff DVD and Download
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Snowboard Addiction Buttery Stuff DVD and Download


Product Description

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Watch this DVD in either regular or goofy! Contains over 25 minutes of buttery instruction. It starts with the absolute basics of buttering and builds through to rad buttery tricks that’ll impress the ladies.

The videos cover:

Intro to Buttering:

  • Body positions
  • Where to position your weight
  • Adding ollies and nollies to butters
  • Regular vs reverse camber
  • Spinning on the snow
  • Nose and tail rolls

Advanced Buttering:

  • Nose and tail spins
  • Tail slide 270s & front blunt 270s
  • Tail blunts
  • Block stalls
  • Bonks
  • MFM butter
  • Spinning into and out of your butters
  • Buttering on small park jumps or natural features.

Bonus video included: Board Setup. All the ins and outs of getting your setup dialed.

Riding by: Nev Lapwood & Dan Gerstner
Locations: Northstar at Tahoe & Sierra at Tahoe

Intro to Buttering (goofy)- Part 1 from on Vimeo.