January, February & March Snowboard Camp in Mayrhofen, Austria

January, February & March Snowboard Camp in Mayrhofen, Austria


Package Options

£379 - Coaching only
£799 - 6th - 13th January
£799 - 13th - 20th January
£799 - 27th January - 3rd February
£799 - 3rd - 10th February
£799 - 3rd March - 10th March

This is unlike any other winter holiday. You'll be riding lots, exploring the whole Zillertal Valley and starting to fully understand your own limits as a rider and how to overcome your fears and boost your skills through a series of challenges that will encompass the whole mountain.

You'll be riding with one of the most experienced and qualified coaches in the UK who will show you all the secret spots and teach you the coolest moves on a snowboard.

Find out what you'll be doing on a typical winter camp

We urge riders to discuss their ability level and riding goals with us before they book, so we can recommend the most suitable week to match your requirements. 

B&B accommodation is with the 3* Larcherhof Hotel

Package Includes

7 Day B&B single within an apartment
6 day Zillertal Superskipass - 177 Lifts, 489km of pistes
6 days locally produced breakfast
5 days ISTD level coaching
1 personal riding day or splitboard tour day with IFMG local guide
Course limited to 8 riders per week

We aim for riders to have their own rooms, but please be prepared to share within an apartment if there is high demand within the hotel.

Flights, transfers, insurance, lunch and evening meals not included. Meal prices start from as little as €10 with a pint of beer costing €3.50.

Extra Information

On-site relaxed and comfortable hotel bar
Single/double beds form part of a shared apartment
Heated boot & board storage room
Free access to tuning equipment
Evening meals at specially selected local restaurants
Free Bus access to and from the slopes (outside hotel)
Free underground parking
Wifi in all rooms
ISTD off-piste certified coach/guide

Bonus off-piste splitboard touring clinics with local mountain guide for an additional cost. View our travel guide to help you get to the resort. 

Below are a few comments from our customers about this course

"By the end I'd gained a lot of experience, hit backcountry kickers and even sailed down a few black runs (carefully chosen, I'm sure) with a superb group of like-minded boarders. Couple that with great accommodation, a bar to collapse in and Jay's knowledge of everywhere worth eating in Mayrhofen, you're in for a cracking week."

"Without a doubt the hardest I have ever worked on snow, but the best snow holiday yet. In terms of off-piste and
performance riding Jay's coaching helped me improve significantly. Can't wait until next year." 

"This Maverix course was my first experience on a mountain, 'fresh' from the air conditioning of the UK indoor slopes. I was easily the least experienced on our course, and this isn't a week for the faint-hearted, but you will get a lot out of it."

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I hear a common theme from loads of people about their winter holidays.

“I go with a load of skiers who never stop for breath and try and tick of every piste in a day”

“I track my data and we did X number of KM a day with a top speed of …”


I think by now a lot of people have done the piste bashing to death. Its like hitting the motorway through the UK. Yes, you can get to your destination quickly but you miss a whole lot of awesome sights on the way.

I’ve found riders are increasingly looking for a unique experiences. Something to remember beyond the app stats. The riders that come away with me are looking to expand their skills and challenge their perceptions of what they thought was possible on a board. They’re looking to step out of their comfort zone and start a new type of adventure. That adventure gives them memories for a lifetime and more all mountain skills.

My aim for winter campers

My aim is to develop well rounded, safe and strong snowboarders who can ride any part of the mountain. Riders may start their journey working with me on their basic piste and park skills, but over time will understand how to take those skills to more challenging terrain. That could be building an off piste kicker for them to work on their first straight airs or even backflips or eventually understanding more about backcountry safety and having the skills and trust in their own abilities to lead the group on a splitboarding adventure.

As riders participate in the camps year on year my role moves from an instructor to mountain mentor and I share more high level understanding of the mountain environment and we explore more remote and untapped areas of the Zillertal Valley. 


The journey for many begins with breaking down their riding to a base level. Fixing the weaknesses in their posture and how they manipulate the board. Opening their minds to how to get grip and drive out of the board and become more agile.
I train for adaptability. Typically riders are too stiff and fixed in one position. I train for adaptability. That way as we explore more of the mountain and they can better manage terrain and have way more fun. 

This will involve some drills based work. However, this is not a course for instructors, so I do not hammer the training. If there is some dead terrain I’m going to utilise it. There will be more of this for those riders who are new to the winter camp programme. For those riders who've been with me before I will pull them up on their riding, but I will not be breaking everything down again. I'll aim for the terrain and the riding challenges to force through corrective riding techniques.


The level of focus and time in the park has evolved over the years. Our park sessions revolve around two things. 1 — Have fun and learn some cool new tricks you can take to the domes or your next holiday. 2 — Develop extra skills that can be applied to other areas of the mountain. These other areas generally involve a feature we have built from scratch. Typically each week will involve a small build project. That could be a jump, stall, tree gap etc. Something tailored to the level of the group that will challenge them in a safe and fun way and allow them to experience something unique for their holiday.  


We ditch the piste map and travel to those secret untouched spots that I’ve found over numerous years of exploring in the Zillertal Valley. We use the piste or park as a playground to develop skills that can be transferred to way more entertaining pursuits as we drop fresh lines and feel like pros.

The difficulty of the terrain will be dependent on the level of the group. For new recruits it will involve quick dips into secret spots with easy access out to help preserve energy levels as I build riding and mountain safety skills. For upper level groups this will involve a combination of exploring unchartered off piste routes with mini hikes and splitboarding to find the best snow in the valley. Ideally the level of challenge for each week would be discussed with each attendee before they book a camp.

The winter camps are not for the faint hearted. You will be challenged both physically and mentally, but it will be an awesome experience that will provide some really entertaining and unique lifelong memories that will hopefully cement snowboarding in your mind as one of the most amazing things you can do in the mountains.   

If you think you’re up for a complete change of direction for your winter holiday, then why not drop me a line and see how I can help expand your horizons and help you achieve things on a board you never thought possible.