2hr Weekend Private Snow Park Freestyle Snowboard Coaching in Milton Keynes

2hr Weekend Private Snow Park Freestyle Snowboard Coaching in Milton Keynes

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The benefit of having a pair of eyes to watch and refine your every move cannot be underestimated. As a rider your busy pushing yourself to deliver a new trick or movement, so it can be tough to know how to tweak what your doing to deliver the best results. We know from experience how just a few choice drills, words of wisdom or a bit of video analysis can transform a riders confidence and skills.

This is where private coaching comes into it's own. We focus the session around your goals taking the time to build a trusting relationship where you feel confident to push it.   

Our private freestyle weekend coaching takes place at Snozone Milton Keynes on specially selected dates. On these dates you have access to a snow park in addition to the normal piste. If required you can combine both on piste and snow park skills development.

At the time of booking you can select your coaching time and lift pass start time. The standard coaching slots options are:


When a 4hr freestyle day course is running on the same day you have to option of:


If you're not requiring a snow park on a weekend please book our normal private coaching that is available at both Snozone Milton Keynes and Hemel Snow Centre

Feel free to drop us a line to discuss your goals and we can arrange a suitable time for your session. Price includes a 4hr slope pass.

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